Curious about us?

Lincoln & Palm is a professionalism-meets-lifestyle brand that is currently focused on launching high quality home textiles. We're new kids on the block as a brand launched in 2023, but we are all in on our mission to bring you great products from around the world.

Our core product development strategy

Composed of a team of former retail execs, we worked in supply chain sourcing for department stores, big box stores, off-price retailers, and luxury brands. These business models included expensive overheads that are becoming increasingly less vital to a successful retail model. Learning from this, we built our brand to embrace e-commerce progress so that we can reduce our operating costs and put more value into your products.

  • Quality

    We work directly with factories globally and are intimately involved with our product specifications. Yarns, weaves, weights, dimensions... our factories think we are annoying but we want it perfect!

  • Price

    There are no "middle-men", no resellers, no importers, or any other non-vital hands in our supply chain. We pay for no brick & mortar stores, we ship goods direct to our warehouse and distribute when you buy it.

  • Innovation

    We constantly jump on innovative techniques and technology. Sometimes a great thing comes along that costs a few cents more but margin-sensitive companies can't go for it. We are hungry to be on the cutting edge.

  • Bath

    Turkish Bath Towels, Bath Sheets

  • Beach

    Turkish Beach Towels

  • Coming Soon

    Kitchen Towels, Bath Rugs, Sheets, Pillowcases, and Apparel.